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Home Assistant Config by ntalekt

Be sure to ⭐️ my repo so you can keep up to date on the progress!

This is my Home Assistant configuration which is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Hassbian. When starting with home automation I found many well documented configurations and drew inspiration from them in order to achieve my automation goals. I wanted to share my success with the community and hopefully help others on their journey.





Sensor / Switch






Notification Audio

  • TTS "Welcome home User" notification over all Sonos speakers.
  • TTS notification when User arrives at specific Zones.
  • TTS notification when User leaves specific zones which includes travel time home.
  • TTS notification if the garage door has been open for 30 minutes with no motion in garage.
  • TTS test notification

Notification Text

  • Pushbullet notification when new Home Assistant version is available on PyPI.
  • Pushbullet notification when Nest thermostats go into Home/Away modes.
  • Pushbullet notification when critical network devices go offline.
  • Pushbullet notification if the garage door is left open after we left the house.
  • Pushbullet notification if the garage door is opened and no one is home.
  • Pushbullet notification if the garage door has been open for 30 minutes with no motion in garage.
  • Pushbullet notification test.
  • Pushbullet when SSL certificate expiration sensor <= 10 days.
  • Pushbullet when any battery sensor falls below 20%
  • Pushbullet for a failed login attempt.
  • Pushbullet if new network device is detected.

Notification Visual



  • Exterior lights to 100% if Ring Pro Doorbell detects motion or is pressed after 9:00pm.
  • Exterior lights back to 35% after 30 minutes after doorbell motion or press.



  • Reset/Regroup all Sonos PLAY:1 speakers at 6:00am every morning.
  • Group all Sonos' button.


  • If motion is detected via BRUH Automation multisensor or Amcrest cameras turn on input_boolean (used in binary_sensor for occupancy tracking).
  • If no motion is detected after certain period of time turn off input_boolean.

Sleep time


  • Run script to collect Cox Internet usage hourly.
  • Clean the TTS cache weekly.



  • Life360 integration via shell mqtt broker found here
  • Home Assistant mysql database size sensor found here Using the SQL Sensor now.
  • Cox internet usage web parser script found here
  • WAN test script found here



Grafana Monitoring Front-end