Interactive Web Physics - Version 5 and Beyond!
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Interactive Web Physics - Version 5 and Beyond!

Version 5 Development Update

2016-Aug-27, Mount Pleasant, SC

Please welcome the Web back to Interactive Web Physics!

Visit to browse animations and see a demonstration of IWP Version 5.

Summer 2016, Ryan Steed (c/o 2017) and Taylor Brockman (c/o 1999) build a clean, HTML 5 browser only, build of the IWP Animator.

Kudos to Dr. Jonathan Bennett, Dr. Loren Winters, and all past code contributors for inspiration and success of this project.

Version 5 Feature Set

  • Modern, Clean User Interface, Web "Look And Feel"

  • Run in all major browsers including tablet and smartphone (turned in portrait mode),

  • No browser plugins required, no java applet required.

  • Physics / MEquation Rendering via D3 + JQuery Javascript.

  • Redesign of to Welcome new users and facilitary Browsing and Animating content.

  • Generation of Thumbnails / Directories for Web Browsing? (Gif Animations?)

  • LGPL/MIT License Review

Future Ideas

  • V6 - Web Rating system for animations, comments

  • V6 - Create community of users who can contribute, curate, and organize new Animation content in the repo or on public www.

  • V6 - Virtual Reality Animations

  • V6 - Image / Textures on solids.