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Ntropy SDK

This repository hosts the SDK for the Ntropy API. To use the Ntropy API you require an API key which can be requested at

The Ntropy API provides transaction enrichment and categorization, account ledger, metrics and custom model training. The full documentation is available at the developer portal.


$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade 'ntropy-sdk'

Quick Start

Enriching your first transaction requires an SDK object and an input Transaction object. The API key can be set in the environment variable NTROPY_API_KEY or in the SDK constructor:

from ntropy_sdk import SDK, Transaction

tx = Transaction(
    description = "AMAZON WEB SERVICES",
    entry_type = "outgoing",
    amount = 12042.37,
    iso_currency_code = "USD",
    date = "2021-11-01",
    transaction_id = "4yp49x3tbj9mD8DB4fM8DDY6Yxbx8YP14g565Xketw3tFmn",
    country = "US",
    account_holder_id = "id-1",
    account_holder_type = "business"

enriched_tx = sdk.add_transactions([tx])[0]

The returned EnrichedTransaction contains the added information by Ntropy API. You can consult the Enrichment section of the documentation for more information on the parameters for both Transaction and EnrichedTransaction.


You can consult in-depth documentation and examples at the developer portal and at the SDK reference.


Free software: MIT license