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Emacs configuration for nu7s!
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Emacs configuration for nu7s :)

Here's my awesome emacs configuration. Feel free to use it if you want to play with ruby, python, c/c++ or haskell stuff without messing up with the emacs.


Attention! This way of installation will overwrite your current configuration:

$ curl -L | bash

Manual installation

Clone or download the nu7macs sources:

$ cd ~/.emacs.d
$ git clone git://

... and add following code to your ~/.emacs config file:

(setq nu7macs-path "~/.emacs.d/nu7macs")
(load-file (concat nu7macs-path "/init.el"))


  • Org-Mode
  • Paredit
  • Clojure Mode
  • Slime
  • Swank REPL (Clojure)
  • ELPA package manager
  • YASnippet bundles
  • Ruby mode
  • RSpec mode
  • CSS mode
  • Git diff mode
  • Github's gists integration
  • Style guessing
  • HAML mode
  • JavaScript (JS2) mode
  • JSON mode
  • YAML mode
  • Continuous search
  • Smart tabs
  • Git support with magit
  • Sass mode
  • Less mode
  • RVM support
  • EProject

Custom shortcuts

Redo and undo:

undo    C-/    Undo changes
redo    C-?    Redo changes

Text manipulation:

backward-delete-char       C-h      Deletes char backward(Deprecated because it shadows normal Emacs help function)
move-text-up               M-n      Moves selected region or current line up
move-text-down             M-p      Moves selected region or current line down
backward-kill-word         C-c b    Kills single word backward
kill-word                  C-c f    Kills single word
kill-whole-line            C-c k    Kills current selected line
duplicate-current-line     C-c d    Duplicates current selected line

Dired shortcuts (in dired mode):

find-in-workspace            s          Searches for file in current workspace
dired-do-delete              DEL        Deletes selected file
find-alternate-file ".."     ^          Go to parent directory
dired-find-alternate-file    RET        Opens selected file
dired                        C-x C-d    Opens dired (this shortcut eliminates annoying directory brief)
dired-details-show           )          Shows full details about dired files
dired-details-hide           (          Hides dired files details


refresh-file    C-S-r      Refreshes currently edited buffer
buffer-menu     C-x C-b    Display menu with list of opened buffers

Window resizing:

shrink-window-horizontally     C-s-<left>     Shrinks buffer window horizontally
enlarge-window-horizontally    C-s-<right>    Englarges buffer window horizontally
shrink-window                  C-s-<down>     Shrinks buffer window vertically
englarge-window                C-s-<up>       Englarges buffer window vertically


magit-status                   C-S-g          Enters into Magit mode

Extra configuration

You can also enable some extra features in your .emacs file.

IDO mode for opening files

(setq use-ido-mode t)

The backward-delete-char under C-h

(setq swap-help-with-backward-delete-char t)
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