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ZODIAC is a static website generator powered by sh and awk. The core features of zodiac are:
* utliization of existing tools (i.e. awk, sh, find, etc.)
+* supports using plain html
* built-in support for markdown
* a simple, easy to use templating system
* supports custom helpers written in awk
-* multiple layouts
-* partials
* configuration, meta, helpers, etc. can be added as you need them
-* support any markup format via external tools
+* convert your markup using any external command that accepts a unix pipe (smu, asciidoc, discount, rst2html, etc)
@@ -73,7 +72,7 @@ Page metadata will always override global metadata of the same key.
Templates come in two forms, page templates and layout templates. Metadata can be bound to templates by using the `{{key}}` notation in your pages and layout files.
-Page templates can be either markdown files with an `.md` extension or plain HTML files with a `.html` extension.
+Page templates can have any extension that zodiac can convert. Out of the box, page templates can have `md`, `htm`, or an `html` extension. Other extensions can be supported if they are configured in the `.zod/config` file in the project directory.
The `main.layout` file wraps HTML content around a page template. A `main.layout` file could look something like this:
@@ -126,66 +125,26 @@ Just be sure to set the data array in the `load_helpers()` function at the top o
For more control over the parsing and conversion process, a `.zod/config` file can be created within your project directory. Here is a sample config:
- htm
- html
+ htm
+ html
- md smu
- txt asciidoc -s -
- [convert]
- coffee coffee -s > {}.js
+ md smu
+ txt asciidoc -s -
- Makefile
+ Makefile
Here we're only parsing (not converting to a different format) files matching `*.htm` and `*.html`.
Files matching `*.md` are going to be parsed and converted using the `smu` markdown parsing program.
Files matching `*.txt` are going to be parsed and converted using `asciidoc`.
-Files matching `*.coffee` are going to be converted to JavaScript before being copied into the target directory. The `{}` notation will be expanded to the path and filename of the coffeescript file, but without the `.coffee` extension.
Files matching `Makefile` will be ignored and not copied.
Conversion programs must accept a UNIX-style pipe and send converted data to stdout.
-### Per-page Templates and Partials
-Multiple templates and partials are also supported.
-For example; a `` page:
- title: my blog
- layout: blog
-A `sidebar.partial`:
- <div id="sidebar">
- <ul>
- <li><a href="/blog/some-article.html">Some Article</a></li>
- <li><a href="/blog/another-one.html">Another One</a></li>
- </ul>
- </div>
-And `blog.layout`:
- <!DOCTYPE html>
- <html>
- <head>
- <title>Blog Page</title>
- </head>
- <body>
- <div id="main">
- {{{yield}}}
- </div>
- {{>sidebar}}
- </body>
- </html>
-`{{>sidebar}}` will be replaced with the parsed contents of `sidebar.partial`.
* zsw: for the introduction to parameter expansion and other shell scripting techniques

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