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@CQBeer CQBeer released this Jul 8, 2019 · 10 commits to beta-1 since this release

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Update log of NULS2.0 Beta:

  • Released the fast chain product ChainBox
  • Improve the stability and performance of NULS2.0, TPS has reached 1000
  • Smart Contracts added NRC-721 standard to issue non-fungible tokens on NULS
  • Optimized the 2.0 version of the light wallet, and added contracts, cross-chain, switch node services and other functions
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@PengLL PengLL released this May 16, 2019 · 3 commits to alpha3 since this release

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Update log of NULS2.0 Alpha3:

  • NULS cross-chain technology has taken the lead and now supports asset cross-chain transactions. The technical team provides two parallel chains: NBTC and NETH. The internal users can link these two chains to send cross-chain transactions to each other, and transfer assets across the chain to experience cross-chain function.

  • The first contract consensus function, the smart contract module supports consensus-related operations. Joining consensus through the development of smart contracts, and distributing the node rewards generated by consensus, which plays an important role in node and community governance, and multi-party cooperation.

  • Added smart protocol upgrade function and added protocol upgrade module, which can implement upgrade agreement of smart consensus, and automatically take effect after reaching a consensus.

  • The NULS 2.0 wallet will be released and tested internally, including web wallet, light wallet, and Node CLI. NULS2.0 separates the wallet from the node program which is more flexible. General users can use it without the sync block.

Docs website

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Apr 18, 2019

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Update log of NULS2.0 Alpha2:

  • Access Nulstar (distributed cross-language micro-service governance platform) to achieve centralized management of module status, module interface gateway, and module version update management.
  • Fix the bugs found in each module during the Alpha v1.0 internal test and optimize them.

Block Module

  1. Optimize block broadcast logic.
  2. Optimize the block save logic.

Network Module

  1. Optimize the message memory cache.

Account Module

  1. Optimize the storage structure to separate the accounting confirmation status from the unconfirmed status structure.
  2. Optimize the efficiency of package verification and ledger storage.

Smart Contract Module

  1. Optimize the efficiency of contract execution.
  2. Modify the type of contract transaction.
  3. Enhance the contract transaction validator.
  4. Fix the problem that the contract result of the failed execution is not saved.
  5. Fix the problem of contract transaction rollback failure.

Consensus Module

  1. Packing logic modification.
  2. Round initialization modification.
  3. Block rollback modification.

Trading Module

  1. Packaging logic refactoring.
  2. Add a new transaction processing flow within the node.
  3. Optimize transaction packaging, verify and save performance.
  • Command Line
  1. Add query function for node details.
  2. The password can be reset by importing the account with a private key.

Docs website

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@PengLL PengLL released this Mar 28, 2019

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Update log of NULS2.0 Alpha1:

  • Full functionality of the Linux wallet, such as account creation, import, transfer, node creation, etc
  • Build blockchain based on NULS2.0 core modules
  • Build blockchain including business module

Docs website

Access docs website

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