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The monash R-package is a utility package with consolidated tools and templates for staffs at Monash University. The package contains three primary themes:

  • workflow: automating repetitive tasks, particularly teaching related activities;
  • template: Monash branded R Markdown templates for teaching, presentation, etc; and
  • data: easy access to relevant information (may require access privileges).


You can install monash R-package as below:

# install.packages("remotes")

Create a quarto article

quarto_template_use("report", dir = "myreport")

Get Monash logo

You can get a copy of the logo into the directory you wish with below.

# default logo
monash::logo_get(path = "man/figures")
#> ✔ The 'monash-stacked-blue-rgb.png' is now in 'man/figures/'
#> man/figures/monash-stacked-blue-rgb.png
# black and white & one-line version of the logo
monash::logo_get(path = "man/figures", color = "black", stack = FALSE, filename = "monash-logo-black.png")
#> ✔ The 'monash-logo-black.png' is now in 'man/figures/'
#> man/figures/monash-logo-black.png

And then you can reference the logo file that you copied.

Get Monash brand colors

These are handy commands to quickly see Monash brand colors and be able to copy-and-paste the hex color codes.


#>      blue     black     white    gray80    gray50    gray10      blue    purple 
#> "#006DAE" "#000000" "#FFFFFF" "#5A5A5A" "#969696" "#E6E6E6" "#027EB6" "#746FB2" 
#>   fuchsia      ruby      pink       red    orange     umber     olive     green 
#> "#9651A0" "#C8008F" "#ee64a4" "#EE0220" "#D93F00" "#795549" "#6F7C4D" "#008A25"


(WIP) The monash package makes use of some values, listed below, from your R profile. You can modify this by using usethis::edit_r_profile() and adding below with values modified to your own values.

options(monash.full_name = "Emi Tanaka", = "",
        monash.orgunit = "Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics",
        monash.teaching_dir = "~/teaching/monash/",
        monash.workshop_dir = "~/workshop/")


(WIP) create_teaching_directory("ETCXXXX") would create a skeleton directory with folder and file structure below for development of teaching material. What is the advantage of this structure? It’s designed to be synced with a private github repository and the materials in the release folder are automatically pushed using Github Repository to the public github repository for public release. The website associated with it will be also be built automatically as well. The website format will closely resemble ETC5512: Wild-Caught Data.

(WIP) release_tutorial(1) moves tutorial-01.html (and .Rmd) to the appropriate place in the release folder.

(WIP) Tutorial, slides and other templates for teaching.

├── ETCXXXX.Rproj
├── .git
├── data
│   └── data01.csv
├── lectures
│   ├── assets
│   │   ├── monash-brand.css
│   │   └── monash-font.css  
│   ├── images
│   │   ├── lecture-01-image01.png
│   │   └── lecture-02-image01.png  
│   ├── lecture-01.Rmd
│   ├── lecture-02.Rmd
│   └── lecture-03.Rmd
├── tutorials
│   ├── images
│   │   ├── tutorial-01-image01.png
│   │   └── tutorial-02-image01.png 
│   ├── tutorial-01.Rmd
├── assessments
│   ├── assignment-01.Rmd
│   └── quiz-01.Rmd
├── release # for public release
│   ├── site
│   │   └── _site.yml
│   ├── data
│   ├── lectures
│   ├── tutorials


A utility R-package with consolidated tools and templates for staffs at Monash University






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