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mud is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game. It is a distributed application with a central server and any number of connecting clients.


mud is written in Java (1.5 generation) and uses RMI (remote method invocation) for remote calls. To build it you need ant.


To build client and server:


Running the server

To start the server:


The server starts and displays a prompt:


Hit RETURN to get a list of commands:

users             display users
godmode           heal and arm all users
monsters          display monsters
rooms             display rooms
s                 show (s)tack
halt              (h)alt
h                 (h)elp

Playing the game

To start the client:


The client starts and displays a prompt:


Hit RETURN to get a list of commands:

u <user> <pass>   set (u)ser
l                 (l)ogin user
o                 l(o)ok/(o)rient
i                 (i)nventory
c <item>          (c)onsume food item
e <room>          (e)xit to room
p <item>          (p)ick up item
a <player>        (a)ttack player
t                 (t)erminate combat
echo              send (e)cho signal
ping              send (p)ing signal
s                 show (s)tack
q                 (q)uit
h                 (h)elp

Select a username and password to log into the game:

>> u Andres secret

This will place the human character Andres in The Lobby:

>>> Entered The Lobby
 Room: The Lobby
 Pass of Azotus
 {Humans}    {health}  {weapon}  {armor}
 Andres            53         5        0

The Lobby is a safe haven where no monsters enter and you can stay there any amount of time while your health slowly increments. But it contains no useful objects and has no action unless human characters fight amongst each other.

To exit to a different room type part of its name:

>> e pas
>>> Entered Pass of Azotus
 Room: Pass of Azotus
 The Lobby
 Cell of Nathanael
 {Humans}    {health}  {weapon}  {armor}
 Andres            53         5        0
 {Monsters}  {health}  {weapon}  {armor}
 Prithivi          94        80       25
 {Armor}            {strength}
 helmet                     40
 mail                       45
 gauntlet                   25

In a room with objects you can pick up weapons and armor to improve your combat readiness, and consume food to improve your health. But if the room contains a monster combat will begin:

>>> Under attack from Prithivi
>>> Struck by Prithivi taking 46 damage [7]
>>> Struck Prithivi causing 1 damage [93]
>>> Struck Prithivi causing 1 damage [92]
>>> Killed by Prithivi

Any character (human or monster) that is killed will be respawned. Human characters will be respawned in The Lobby:

>>> User Andres respawned in The Lobby


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