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NumFOCUS Website

This is the source of the Pelican-based site. These pages should be generated from these sources and then pushed to the actual site.

The site is based on Pelican:


To add/modify content to the website, please fork the numfocus/ repository on github and make your changes as described below. When your changes are ready, please submit a pull request (PR) to have those changes merged in. Please apply all changes via PRs. It makes is much easier for others to follow changes. Finally, if you merge a PR, you are responsible for deploying it or delegating that task in the PR discussion.

Adding Content

The site is organized as a set of pages and a blog with a set of post categories. All content is in the content directory. Inside content, the blog is located at articles, generated pages are at pages, and various files linked to in the pages or blog are in media. The theme is located in the theme directory and is documented there.


Each post categorized post will show up in the news feed as well as in its designated category. To add new content, create a .rst file in the appropriate category directory in content. For example, to add a news story, you should add a file to the content/articles/News directory. Posts should provide a title and a date i.e

:date: 07-05-2013

Posts can optionally provide a :slug: field. The slug is used to generate a link name to the post. If no slug is provided, the title ("inSCIght" in the above example) will be used. The output url will be based upon the date and title,


Each page is set up via a file in the content/pages directory. Each page should include a title, save_as field, optionally a url field can be added to control what url page links use.

:url: foundation/
:save_as: foundation/index.html

NumFOCUS supports and promotes world-class, innovative, open source

The structure of the pages directory does not affect the output of the html pages, only the save_as field. To make the top tabs work, the link structure needs to mirror that of the directory.

Optionally if a special template page is included in the theme one can add if as so.

NumFOCUS Homepage
:save_as: index.html
:template: page-index

Some rst content.


We use a custom theme following the Pelican standard. It was written using Bootstrap, JQuery, and SASS. See theme/ for more details.


If a page is moved it is best to add a redirect to avoid breaking websites linking to To do this copy one of the redirect pages in the redirects directory to the name of the moved page. The makefile will only overwrite pages that are not generated by Pelican.

Internal Links

To link to a page that is generated by Pelican, prepend |filename| to the path. If the link after |filename| starts with /, then it will link relative to the content directory. For example:

    `Relative Link to file <|filename|file_in_same_dir.rst>`_
    `Absolute Link to file <|filename|/pages/file/in/another/dir.rst>`_
    `Link to media <|filename|/media/pdfs/bylaws.pdf>`_

Using the |filename| directive will make sure that Pelican issues a warning for broken links and can generate links for the deploy environment more stably.

Adding Images

Images should be added to the with content/media/images directory. If the filename is spam.jpg, the path image path in RST is: |filename|/media/images/spam.jpg

Building and deploying the Site

Python Dependencies

Note that you have to have the following packages installed for everything to work properly (see requirements.txt):

Non-Python dependencies

    $ gem install sass
    $ sass -v
    Sass 3.3.8 (Maptastic Maple)     


Use the following to build the and serve the site locally:

make html 
make serve

To edit content and have the local repo update continually, you can use the dev server. Just remember to shut it down later.

make devserver
make stopserver


The site is deployed as a github page (see ). Use the following to push the results up to github:

make github

For this to work, please set your github remote 'upstream' to ''.

For more targets (such as debug to find errors) run:

make help
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