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nar-serve - Serve NAR file content directly from cache

Push your build artifacts to one place.

All the files in are packed in NAR files which makes them not directly accessible. This service allows to download, decompress, unpack and serve any file in the cache on the fly.

Use cases

  • Avoid publishing build artifacts to both the binary cache and another service.
  • Allows to share build results easily.
  • Inspect the content of a NAR file.


Inside the provided nix shell run:


This will create a small local server with live reload that emulates

Currently, the default port is 8383. You can change it by setting the PORT environment variable.


Store contents can be fetched via a simple HTTP GET request.

Append any store path to the hostname to fetch and unpack it on the fly. That's it.


NAR archives also contain information about the executable bit for each contained file. nar-serve uses a custom HTTP header named NAR-executable to indicate whether the fetched file would be executable.


You can use the following environment variables to configure nar-serve:

Name Default value Description
PORT 8383 Port number on which nar-service listens
NAR_CACHE_URL The URL of the Nix store from which NARs are fetched


Contributions are welcome!

Before adding any new feature it might be best to first discuss them by creating a new issue in .

All code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.