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R-Trees: A Dynamic Index Structure for Spatial Searching


A C++ templated version of this RTree algorithm. The code it now generally compatible with the STL and Boost C++ libraries.


#include <RTree.h>

// ...

RTree<Foo*, double, 3> tree;
double min[3] = {0., 0., 0.};
double max[3] = {1., 1., 1.};
Foo* bar = new Foo();
tree.Insert(min, max, bar);

Provides search in and iteration over the tree. For examples see Test.cpp


Run make to build and make test to run the tests. The RTree itself is a single header file and can be included without compiling.


  • 1983 Original algorithm and test code by Antonin Guttman and Michael Stonebraker, UC Berkely
  • 1994 ANCI C ported from original test code by Melinda Green -
  • 1995 Sphere volume fix for degeneracy problem submitted by Paul Brook
  • 2004 Templated C++ port by Greg Douglas
  • 2011 Modified the container to support more data types, by Yariv Barkan
  • 2017 Modified Search to take C++11 function to allow lambdas and added const qualifier, by Gero Mueller


Original code was taken from and is stored as git revision 0. This revision is entirely free for all uses. Enjoy!

Due to restrictions on public domain in certain jurisdictions, code contributed by Yariv Barkan is released in these jurisdictions under the BSD, MIT or the GPL - you may choose one or more, whichever that suits you best.

In jurisdictions where public domain property is recognized, the user of this software may choose to accept it either 1) as public domain, 2) under the conditions of the BSD, MIT or GPL or 3) any combination of public domain and one or more of these licenses.

Thanks Baptiste Lepilleur for the licensing idea.

Recent Change Log

31 Jan 2018

  • Added copy constructor
  • Callback function is now std::function

05 Apr 2014

  • Added tests

02 Sep 2011

  • Modified the container to support more data types. The code it now generally compatible with the STL and Boost C++ libraries.

05 Jan 2010

  • Fixed Iterator GetFirst() - Previous fix was not incomplete

03 Dec 2009

  • Added Iteartor GetBounds()
  • Added Iterator usage to simple test
  • Fixed Iterator GetFirst() - Thanks Mathew Riek
  • Minor updates for MSVC 2005/08 compilers