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Releases: nuttylmao/NOOBS-CMDR


29 Jul 10:37
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New Additions

  • Added a confirmation dialog if testing StreamCommand (thanks to kphillpotts)
  • Added support for media controls
  • Fixed bug where delays would be appear inaccurate for non English regions
  • Updated "Install Successful" message to inform user to restart Stream Deck, Lioranboard, Touch Portal etc. before executing NOOBS CMDR scripts
  • Added a donate button (Gimme dat money son)


11 Jan 09:35
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Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed bug where Source command would not filter down even after selecting a scene


10 Jan 05:16
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Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed bug where exported scripts would not work if they included non-English characters
  • Fixed bug where NOOBS CMDR would show as connected even after failing authentication


09 Jan 17:05
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NOOBS CMDR - Nutty's Official OBS Commander

NOOBS CMDR is a tool for creating OBS Studio macros. This tool will allow you to script macros in OBS to do things like changing scenes, toggling sources on/off, showing/hiding filters, controlling audio levels and much more. Scripts are saved as simple batch script and/or visual basic script files, which you can then execute using whatever you want - e.g. Stream Deck, Touch Portal, Lioranboard, Voice Attack etc. Basically, if it can run batch script files, it can run any script generated with NOOBS CMDR!

This is essentially a GUI for OBSCommand, a command line tool written by FSC.



  1. Download the zip file below
  2. Unzip NOOBS CMDR to any folder you want
  3. Run 'NOOBS CMDR.exe' - You will need to run as admin only for the first install
  4. On your first time opening NOOBS CMDR, you will be asked to installed OBSCommand - The default directory is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\OBSCommand' but you may select any directory of your choosing
  5. If OBS Studio and WebSockets server is already running, it will automatically attempt to connect - otherwise NOOBS CMDR will remain disconnected until you start WebSockets server. Once you have started WebSockets, click the red 'NOT CONNECTED' button to connect to OBS.

Note: If you are not comfortable starting NOOBS CMDR in admin mode, you can manually add the OBSCommand directory to your Environment PATH Variable yourself. A copy of OBSCommand is included with NOOBS CMDR.