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A framework for serving GraphQL from Laravel

Lighthouse is a GraphQL framework that integrates with your Laravel application. It takes the best ideas of both and combines them to solve common tasks with ease and offer flexibility when you need it.


The documentation lives at

The site includes the latest docs for each major version of Lighthouse. You can find docs for specific versions by looking at the contents of /docs/master at that point in the git history:<SPECIFIC-TAG>/docs/master.

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Lighthouse follows Semantic Versioning.

Only the current major version receives new features and bugfixes.

Updating between minor versions will not require changes to PHP code or the GraphQL schema and cause no breaking behavioural changes for consumers of the GraphQL API. However, only code elements marked with @api will remain compatible - all other code in Lighthouse is considered internal and is thus subject to change.


All notable changes to this project are documented in

Upgrade Guide

When upgrading between major versions of Lighthouse, consider


We welcome contributions of any kind, see how in

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Lighthouse, please email Benedikt Franke via


Lighthouse is supported by its awesome sponsors.

If you want to support the development of Lighthouse and see your logo there, consider sponsoring.