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@nuxeojenkins nuxeojenkins released this May 28, 2019 · 96 commits to master since this release


  • NXDRIVE-1655: Initialize Remote upon connection
  • NXDRIVE-1148: Better handle no space left on the device
  • NXDRIVE-1616: Prevent double lock when DirectEdit'ing a document
  • NXDRIVE-1639: Do not allow DirectEdit on older versions of document
  • NXDRIVE-1644: Fix LocalWatcher.rootMoved() signal emitter
  • NXDRIVE-1657: Do not block the application on DirectEdit
  • NXDRIVE-1661: Version compatibility function doesn't return the right result
  • NXDRIVE-1676: Copy/overwrite db backup files instead of dumping/reading them
  • NXDRIVE-1617: Accept events when the application is not frozen
  • NXDRIVE-1618: Remove inexistant engines from the Manager engines list
  • NXDRIVE-1631: [Windows] Handle files with the same name but different unicode norms
  • NXDRIVE-1633: Fix supported partition check
  • NXDRIVE-1634: Handle pair state moved-created as a conflict
  • NXDRIVE-1637: [macOS] Skip unsaved documents in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • NXDRIVE-1641: Fix bind-server CLI without the --password argument
  • NXDRIVE-1645: Fix bind-server CLI with bad --password value
  • NXDRIVE-1647: Check HTTPS when starting an engine
  • NXDRIVE-1648: Removed whitespace characters from URLs
  • NXDRIVE-1651: Expand environment variables in paths given to CLI arguments
  • NXDRIVE-1662: [macOS] Handle NSRangeException while fetching opened documents in Adobe
  • NXDRIVE-1665: Ensure coherent response of ScrollDescendants
  • NXDRIVE-1667: Filter out any error in get_opened_files()
  • NXDRIVE-1672: Ensure Application.update_status() is passed an Engine
  • NXDRIVE-1677: [Windows] Copy-paste and rename a local file while Drive is running does not work
  • NXDRIVE-1682: Make the updater more robust against inappropriate server response
  • NXDRIVE-1074: Remove Next engine source tree
  • NXDRIVE-1251: Use the token everywhere
  • NXDRIVE-1277: Review objects state export
  • NXDRIVE-1636: Reduce ScrollDescendants calls for each folder
  • NXDRIVE-1649: Review connection errors handling and logging
  • NXDRIVE-1664: Add OS and Python versions to Sentry events
  • NXDRIVE-1666: Handle lock conflicts in DirectEdit
  • NXDRIVE-1668: Handle TrashPermissionError when moving a file to the trash
  • NXDRIVE-1675: Catch MemoryError in FileInfo.get_digest()
  • NXDRIVE-1632: [Windows] Prepare Nuitka switch


  • NXDRIVE-1686: Improve testing of guess_server_url()
  • NXDRIVE-1583: [Windows] Add first integration tests: CLI arguments
  • NXDRIVE-1623: [Windows] Add CLI sub-commands tests: clean-folder, console, bind-server and unbind-server
  • NXDRIVE-1678: Re-run failed tests

Packaging / Build



  • NXDRIVE-1643: [Windows] Switch and radio button text is truncated with ellipsis with zoom at 175%
  • NXDRIVE-1353: When "invalid credentials" occurs, display a direct link to log in in the account settings
  • NXDRIVE-1572: Add a button to select/unselect all roots
  • NXDRIVE-1575: Add a link to the update site on the fatal error window
  • NXDRIVE-1580: When account is added, after filters are chosen, close the settings window
  • NXDRIVE-1605: Display the server name next to the username in the accounts list

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May 28, 2019
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