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Nuxeo resources for functional tests

This Maven project produces a ZIP file containing resources for ease running functional tests. Currently, it manages HTML Selenium test suites, Java WebDriver test suites and FunkLoad test and benchmark.


Functional tests require Firefox 3.6 or Higher. Some tests can also be run using other browsers than Firefox.

For use on a headless server, a good solution is using x11vnc + Xvfb.

To run benchmark you need to install:

To enable monitoring and reporting:

sudo apt-get install sysstat atop gnuplot logtail pgfouine sudo easy_install logchart

Selenium tests

Preparing the infrastructure for running functional tests

  • Copy samples/selenium/* at root of a directory.
  • Edit and adapt those files to your case.

Preparing tests resources

  • Create a tests directory containing your HTML tests suites.
  • Create a data directory containing data resources for your tests.

Test settings

Selenium tests are run using a custom firefox profile, as well as custom extensions.

The file at ffprofile/prefs.js.sample adds settings on the browser to set the default URL, allow upload of files holds the base URL,... It also holds the current language (en). When using Selenium IDE, make sure English is your default language.

user-extensions.js.sample holds helper commands used in suites. It also sets the current folder absolute path to make it possible to upload files when running tests.

WebDriver tests

Preparing the infrastructure for running functional tests

  • Copy samples/webdriver/* at root of a directory.
  • Edit and adapt those files to your case.

Preparing tests resources

  • Create a tests directory containing your Java tests suites.

Running the functional tests

Run the following Maven command to launch the testing suites:

mvn verify [-f path/to/pom.xml] [-DsomeParam=someValue]

Maven verify phase automatically calls the previous phases (validate, compile, test, package, pre-integration-test, integration-test and post-integration-test). See the Introduction to the Build Lifecycle for more details.

Skip pre- and post- integration phases

You can avoid executing the whole lifecycle by directly calling a phase on the wanted plugin. For instance, if you only want to execute the tests (avoid pre-integration and post-integration phase which are starting and stopping Nuxeo), then verify the results.

Selenium tests

mvn [-Dtarget=run-selenium] [...]
mvn [...]

The two phases can be called within the same line.

WebDriver tests

mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-failsafe-plugin:integration-test [-Dlog4j.configuration=src/main/resources/log4j.xml] [-Dnuxeo.log.dir=target] [...]
mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-failsafe-plugin:verify [...]

The two phases can be called within the same line.

Available parameters

System parameters

The following system parameters are read:

  • NUXEO_HOME: if set, takes precedence over nuxeo.home and default values
  • NUXEO_CONF: if set, takes precedence over nuxeo.conf and default values
  • NX_JAVA_HOME: if set, the server will use this as Java home instead of JAVA_HOME

Java parameters

The following Java parameters may be given from the command line (with -DsomeParam=someValue) or from your customized itest.xml file (preferred method; with <property name="someParam" value="someValue" />):

  • nuxeoURL: default value is http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/.
  • suites: comma separated Selenium HTML suites' names (without the extension ".html") which must stored in a "tests" directory.
  • browser: default value is "chrome".
  • out.dir: default value is ${}.
  • nuxeo.home: if NUXEO_HOME environment property is not set, default value depends on Maven profile, then values ${out.dir}/tomcat.
  • nuxeo.conf: if NUXEO_CONF environment property is not set, default value is ${nuxeo.home}/bin/nuxeo.conf.
  • wizard.preset: the wizard preset to activate on the distribution. The value can be nuxeo-cap (deprecated, does nothing), nuxeo-dam, nuxeo-cmf or nuxeo-sc; there is no default value (property is not set).
  • mp.install: a comma-separated list of instructions for the Marketplace install process. For instance file:/path/to/some/
  • zip.file: the zipped server to use for testing instead of downloading a new one.
  • env.NUXEO_HOME: the server to use for testing instead of downloading a new one. Note that its nuxeo.conf file might be changed when running tests.

Nuxeo server

The Nuxeo server against which the tests are ran can be:

  • downloaded (default): if zip.file and env.NUXEO_HOME are not set, the artifact ${server.gav} will be downloaded. The default values is org.nuxeo.ecm.distribution:nuxeo-server-tomcat::zip (for Tomcat).
  • unzipped from a local archive: using zip.file if set.
  • a local directory: using env.NUXEO_HOME if set.

Database parameters

You can ask the framework to prepare a database to connect to and modify the nuxeo.conf to point to it. The choice of the database engine is done by activating the corresponding profile. Valid choices are: pgsql (PostgreSQL), mssql (MsSQL), oracle10g (Oracle 10g), oracle11g (Oracle 11g), mysql (MySQL), mariadb (MariaDB)

The following environment variables are used:

  • NX_DB_HOST: database host
  • NX_DB_PORT: database port
  • NX_DB_ADMINNAME: name of the administrative/default database
  • NX_DB_ADMINUSER: database superuser
  • NX_DB_ADMINPASS: superuser password
  • NX_DB_NAME: name of the database used by nuxeo
  • NX_DB_USER: username used by nuxeo to connect to the database
  • NX_DB_PASS: password used by nuxeo to connect to the database

If the administrative parameters are missing, the nuxeo.conf will be modified with the correct values, but the build process will not try to create the database nor the user.

For Oracle, the NX_DB_ADMINNAME and NX_DB_NAME must be identical (the instance SID).

If the NX_DB_NAME, NX_DB_USER or NX_DB_PASS are not specified, they will be generated randomly. Caveat: if you execute db-create and db-drop in different passes, the generated values will be different.

NoSQL Database parameters

Valid choices are: mongodb (MongoDB)

The following environment variables are used:

  • NX_MONGODB_SERVER: MongoDB server URI. Mapped with nuxeo.mongodb.server Nuxeo configuration property and defaults to localhost:27017
  • NX_MONGODB_DBNAME: MongoDB database Name. Mapped with nuxeo.mongodb.dbname Nuxeo configuration property and defaults to nxdbname${rndid} (rndid is a random ID)

Creating your own Ant targets or overriding existing ones

As shown in the samples, your customized itests.xml will unzip and import nuxeo-ftest.xml:

<unzip dest="${out.dir}/" overwrite="false">
  <artifact:resolveFile key="org.nuxeo:nuxeo-ftest::zip" />
<import file="${out.dir}/nuxeo-ftest.xml" />

Then, you can freely add your own targets, reuse existing targets from nuxeo-ftest.xml or override them.

Targets overview

  • download: download and unzip ${groupId}:${artifactId}::zip:${classifier} from Maven
  • unzip-local: alternative to the download target. Use a local ZIP archive instead.
  • prepare-environment, prepare-db, prepare-tomcat, prepare-selenium: various targets for preparing the testing environment.
  • run-selenium: macro target for preparing the environment, starting the server, running the tests, stopping the server. Will exit with an error value if a testing suite failed.
  • set-conf: convenience target for adding a property to nuxeo.conf
  • wizard-on, wizard-off: deprecated targets for setting on/off the wizard; prefer use of set-conf.
  • start, stop: start or stop the server.
  • cleanup-db: can be used after the tests to remove the user and database that were created for the test.
  • activate-wizard-preset: activate the wizard preset defined in the wizard.preset property.
  • mp-install: add comma-separated instructions defined in the mp.install property.

QA results

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