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i18n features for your Nuxt project

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Co-maintainers welcome!

I've been lacking time to properly maintain the project lately and I would be really happy if anyone were interested in helping me maintaining nuxt-i18n! It looks like there are more and more projects using this module and we've had great contributions from the community. It's just getting hard to keep track of the issues and questions here and on CMTY so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in taking a bigger part in the project!

Feel free to email me at the address that's in my profile, or ping me on Nuxt's Discord channel (paulgv#1021).

Contribute to the module

  • Fork the project and clone it in your existing Nuxt project:
cd my-nuxt-project/
mkdir modules/
git clone<username>/nuxt-i18n.git modules/nuxt-i18n
# or
git clone<username>/nuxt-i18n.git modules/nuxt-i18n
  • Edit your Nuxt config to use the local module:
// nuxt.config.js

  modules: [
    ['./modules/nuxt-i18n', {
      // options...
  • Install the module's dependencies
cd modules/nuxt-i18n/
  • Code, code, code!
  • Run ESLint & Jest
yarn lint && yarn test
  • Submit awesome PRs

Contribute to the documentation

  • Fork and clone the project
git clone<username>/nuxt-i18n.git
# or
git clone<username>/nuxt-i18n.git
  • Install the dependencies
cd nuxt-i18n/
  • Start the docs server
yarn docs:dev
  • Write some doc by editing files in docs/ directory, if you're adding new pages, make sure you add them to the table of contents in docs/.vuepress/config

  • Once you're done, submit that shiny PR!

Issues, questions & requests

Please use CMTY for any question you might have.


MIT License - Copyright (c) Nuxt Community