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An Uno "Hello world!" project using Windows UWP, iOS, Android and WebAssembly
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Uno Quick Start

This repository is a basic sample for an Uno application which cross-targets UWP, iOS, Android and WebAssembly.

Use the Visual Studio's UWP tooling on Windows, such as Xaml Edit and Continue, C# Edit and Continue, then run your app on iOS, Android and Windows.

You can also try out the experimental WASM build live.


  • Visual Studio 2017 15.5 or later, with :
    • Xamarin component, with the iOS Remote Simulator installed
    • A working Mac with Visual Studio for Mac, XCode 8.2 or later installed
    • The google Android x86 emulators
  • On Windows

Create an application from the solution template

To easily create an multi-platform application:

  • Update to the latest nuget package named Uno.UI, make sure to check the pre-release box.
  • To debug the iOS head, select the Debug|iPhoneSimulator configuration
  • To debug the Android head, select the Debug|AnyCPU configuration
  • To debug the UWP head, select the Debug|x86 configuration
  • To run the WASM head, locate the dist folder in the debug output.
    • Python: run
      • On Windows, use either:
        • Python tools
        • The Linux Subsystem:
          • On the bash prompt, run cd `wslpath "C:\YourWindowsPath"`
          • Run either python3 or python
    • Node: run http-server ./ -p 8000

An HTTP server on http://localhost:8000 will open.

Note that the WASM head cannot be debugged at this point, the mono-wasm SDK does not provide support for this yet. For more details on the wasm support see the Uno.Wasm.Bootstrap repository

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