Set your Mac's Location based on wireless SSID or resolvable hostname
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Automatically set your Mac's location based on the currently-joined SSID, or
the ability to resolve one or more hostnames.

locator works by running as a LaunchAgent, and waking up every time your
computer's network interface(s) change state in some way. It runs through each
configured location detection snippet, and determines what Location to select.
It sets your Mac's Location to the most appropriate choice, or to "Automatic"
if nothing matched.


   1. Clone locator
   2. Run (creates ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.github.nwatkiss.locator.plist)
   3. Start locator: reboot or launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.github.nwatkiss.locator.plist
   4. Add one or more Location snippets (see below)


Locations are configured by creating subdirectories under the locations/
directory in the distribution. For example, if you want Locator to switch your
Mac's Location to "Work" based on some criteria, you should create a directory
called "Work":


Inside each Location directory, locator looks for two files:

   - SSID: contains wireless SSIDs, one per line. If the Mac is
     currently connected to one of these SSIDs, locator will select this

   - DNS: each line contains DNS names to resolve, and either '*' if the
     address does not matter (a successful resolution is all that matters) or
     an IP address. If any of the listed names resolve to one of the listed
     IPs (or '*'), locator will select this location.


Neil Watkiss <>

Copyright (C) 2011, Neil Watkiss.

All Rights Reserved. This package is free software. It may be used,
redistributed, and/or modified under the same terms as Perl.