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<title>I'm a stereotypical entrepreneur </title>
It seems I'm a ridiculous walking stereotype of an entrepreneur. The <a href="">Wikipedia page about entrepreneurship</a> says entrepreneurs are...
<li>mercurial, that is, prone to insights, brainstorms, deceptions, ingeniousness and resourcefulness. cunning, opportunistic, creative, and unsentimental</li>
<li>extremely optimistic in their decision-making processes</li>
<li>prone to overconfidence and over generalisations</li>
<li>tough, pragmatic people driven by needs of independence and achievement. They seldom are willing to submit to authority.</li>
<li>primarily motivated by an overwhelming need for achievement and strong urge to build</li>
Like one of those astrology or cultural moments where some generalization actually describes you exactly, I've realized I'm a type. A total stereotype. Oh well.</p>
Oh and just to rub it in, I was born in Silicon Valley, California. Sheesh.
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