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<title>Present one idea at a time and let others build upon it </title>
Writing these articles has been really rewarding.
I present one little idea, something anyone can read in under two minutes, and shine a spotlight on it.
If it’s well-received, I’ll see it Tweeted, re-Tweeted, linked-to, forwarded, and maybe voted up the charts at <a href="">Hacker News</a> by a jury of my peers.
The <strong>comments always improve upon it</strong>, making me see new perspectives or how I could have communicated it better.
I’m usually surprised by which ones get a reaction. Something obvious to me may be powerful to others. Something powerful to me may be obvious to others.
But <strong>each idea gets its chance in the spotlight</strong>.
The work it takes to present it clearly and succinctly is rewarded, because it’s:
<li>easier to communicate</li>
<li>easier to explain to others</li>
<li>more likely to be read, instead of someone saying, “Too long, I’ll come back later,” never to return.</li>
When I’ve written articles that were too long or had too many ideas, they didn’t get much of a reaction.
<strong>When I read books, I often feel bad for the brilliant idea buried on page 217. Who will hear it?</strong>
Stop the orchestra. Solo that motif. Repeat it. Let the other instruments build upon it.
The web is such a great way to do this.
<strong>Present a single idea, one at a time, and let others build upon it.</strong>
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