Openbox HUD ia s Python script for handling laptop-specific keys and events in Openbox window manager
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Openbox HUD

This script is intended to simplify assigning laptop-specific keys and events to actions and display slightly gnomish graphical messages in Openbox window manager. This way one can, for instance, change volume level or screen brightness, or switch primary / secondary display and see a graphical confirmation by just binding a key to a single command. Furthermore - assigning a command in Tint2 preferences allows to see alerts concerning the AC and battery state, and also suspend on critical battery level.

New in 0.2.1 version

Optional use of the light-git (AUR) package. Listed as an optional dependency. Install if brightness keys don't work for you (e.g. with Radeon graphics). See Wiki (scroll to the very bottom) for more info.

New in 0.1.9 version

Timer/Stopwatch icon. Please check "Show icons" checkbox in the relevant Tint2 executor. Or you can set execp_has_icon to 1 in the tnt2rc file. If the executor has not yet been added, running obhud --autoconfig tint2 will do the job.

New in 0.1.8 version

Timer/Stopwatch added. Please run obhud --autoconfig tint2 to add the executor.

New in 0.1.7 version

Sound added to the battery low notification. Launch obhuh --autoconfig tint2 or just replace obhud --battery low with obhud --battery LOW in Tint2 / Battery alert, to hear sound before the notification and suspending the system.



Arch Linux: search the obhud package in AUR.

Quick start

Type obhud in terminal to access the menu, which allows to add default keybindings to rc.xml and commands to tint2rc file automatically. You'll also find syntax of each command here.

Alternatively you can use the obhud --autoconfig all command.


CAUTION: I did my best to test the script and make sure it's safe. However, the --autoconfig options make changes to essential system configuration files. Making backups of ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml and ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc files is recommendable.

For more info check Wiki.


I used icons from numix-gtk-theme by Numix Project as the base of the icon set. Thanks!