A psutil-based command to display customizable system usage info in a single line, for Tint2 executors or CLI
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A Python psutil-based command to display customizable system usage info as icons or text. Intended for Tint2 panel executors, may also be used in other panels or executed in terminal. This project derives from my collection of Tint2 executors and replaces the cpu-fan-mem.py script.

Inspired by @tknomanzr 's cpu.py.

New in 1.0-1 version:

  • Trailing ".0" (which was always 0) removed from the temperature display (feature request);
  • 3 sample config files (psuinfo-bottom*.tint2rc) added.

Called with no argument, the script will display following data (if appropriate sensors available):


  • graphical CPU load bar
  • CPU speed current/max
  • core temperature
  • fan speed
  • memory available/total

You may customize display, using arguments described below:

customized display

You may also prepend values with appropriate icons instead of / together with names. Only 1 value per executor allowed. To do so, use psuinfo -I<component> format. See components description below.

executors with icons

The line above consists of 8 executors, using commands: psuinfo -Cg, psuinfo -Ia, psuinfo -It, psuinfo -If, psuinfo -IM, psuinfo -In -W0, psuinfo -In -W1 and psuinfo -Iu.

Customizing icons:

Copy the /usr/share/psuinfo folder to ~/.local/share, edit .svg files inside.


psuinfo [-C{components}] | [-I{component}] [-F] [-N] [-S<number>] | [-S<string>] [-M<string>] [-T] [-W{number}] [-all] [-h] [--help]


-C defines multiple components. -I defines a single component. If none given, -CgStfM argument will be used by default.

  g - (g)raphical CPU load bar
  p - (p)ercentage for each core (text)
  a - (a)verage CPU load (text)
  q - fre(q)ency for each thread
  Q - fre(Q)ency for each thread/max frequency
  s - current CPU (s)peed
  S - current/max CPU (S)peed
  t - CPU (t)emperature
  f - (f)an speed
  m - (m)emory in use
  M - (M)emory in use/total
  c - used memory per(c)entage
  C - free memory per(C)entage
  w - s(w)ap memory in use
  W - s(W)ap memory in use/total
  x - swap usage in %
  d - (d)rives as names usage in %
  D - (D)rives as names used/total
  n - drives as mou(n)tpoints usage in %
  N - drives as mou(N)tpoints used/total
  u - (u)ptime HH:MM
  U - (U)ptime HH:MM:SS
  i - current WiF(i) name
  k - current networ(k) traffic as upload/download in kB/s

-F - use Fahrenheit instead of ℃
-N - display field names (except for (g)raphical CPU load bar)
-S<number> - number of spaces between components (-S2 if none given)
-S<string> for custom separator (use ' | ' to include spaces)
-M<string> for custom component name ('My custom name: ')
-T - test execution time
-all - display all possible data (for use in terminal)

-I<component> - show an icon before text; 1 component per executor allowed
-W<number> - select 0 to n-th element from multiple output (drives, mountpoints)

Sample usage:

No arguments, default display:

[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo
_▁______ 1.2/3.3GHz 48.0℃ 2500/m 1.3/15.6GB

Custom display, CPU average load, speed and memory w/o max values + names:

[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -Castfm -N
avCPU: 3.4%  SPD:1.5GHz  CORE:48.0℃  FAN:2500/m   MEM:1.9GB

Custom display with graphical bar, average CPU speed, core temperature, fan speed, 
memory used/total, drives usage:

[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -CgStfMD -N
_▁___▁__  avSPD:1.4/3.3GHz  CORE:49.0℃  FAN:2500/m  MEM:1.3/15.6GB  SDB3:101.1/210.6GB  SDA1:154.1/915.9GB

You may use a custom separator:

[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -CgStfmxdu -N -S' ┊ '
__▁_▁___ ┊ avSPD:1.8/3.3GHz ┊ CORE:47.0℃ ┊ FAN:2500/m ┊ MEM:2.0GB ┊ SWAP:0.0% ┊ SDB3:50.6% ┊ SDA1:15.4% ┊ UP:3:06

All available information (use in terminal e.g. to check which data will be available on a certain machine). 
Time of execution on the very end:

[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -all
___▁____  CPU: 2%  3%  3%  8%  3%  2%  3%  3%   avCPU: 2.4%  CPU:1.3|1.3|1.3|1.3|1.3|1.3|1.3|1.3/3.3GHz  avSPD:1.3/3.3GHz  CORE:47.0℃  FAN:2500/m  MEM:1.3/15.6GB  MEM:12.3%  SWAP:0.0/8.0GB  SDB3:101.1/210.6GB  SDA1:154.1/915.9GB  UP:1:07:03  [2.148s]

Execution time:

Since execution of the psutil.cpu_percent() function takes a certain time (set to 1 second here), it makes sense to learn how long it takes your customized command to produce output. To do so, use the -T argument:

[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -CgStfM -T
▁▁__▁___  2.0/3.3GHz  48.0℃  2500/m  1.3/15.6GB  [1.012s]

Executing the command above took 1.113 second. To use it in a Tint2 executor, it makes sense to set at least 2 seconds long interval:

execp_interval = 2

Why does it take so long?

  1. Data collection time for g and p component in the script is set to 1 second
  2. Data collection time for a component is also set to 1 second

If you'd like to use (g and/or p) and a, the executor interval should be > 2 seconds.

piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -Cga -T -N
_____▁__  avCPU: 3.0%  [2.139s]

Since data are being collected only once, multiple use of components doesn't change much:

___▁▁▁▁_ avCPU:~4.4% [2.003s]
[piotr@asuspro ~]$ psuinfo -Cggppaa -T -N
___▁____  ___▁____  CPU: 4%  2%  2%  7%  2%  5%  1%  3%   CPU: 4%  2%  2%  7%  2%  5%  1%  3%   avCPU: 3.9%  avCPU: 3.9%  [2.105s]

Sample Tint2 executor:

(fixed width font recommended)

# Executor 1
execp = new
execp_command = psuinfo -N
execp_interval = 2
execp_has_icon = 0
execp_cache_icon = 1
execp_continuous = 1
execp_markup = 1
execp_tooltip = 
execp_lclick_command = 
execp_rclick_command = 
execp_mclick_command = 
execp_uwheel_command = 
execp_dwheel_command = 
execp_font = Monospace 10
execp_font_color = #aaaaff 100
execp_padding = 0 0
execp_background_id = 0
execp_centered = 0
execp_icon_w = 0
execp_icon_h = 0


Arch Linux

psuinfo AUR package.

Void Linux

The psuinfo package v1-0_1 in official repository.

Dependencies: python (python3), python-psutil (python3-psutil)

The script was not tested with Python versions below 3.5.