A list of keyboard shortcuts for the Atom text editor
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Atom Keyboard Shortcuts

This page lists keyboard shortcuts for the Atom text editor that I find valuable and use a lot. Feel free to fork the page and add your own favorites. Pull Requests welcome!

This list is by no means meant to be a complete listing of every available shortcut. It simply lists the shortcuts that I use on a regular basis. For a complete listing of all available shortcuts, consult the Settings > Keybindings page in Atom.

Since I'm using a Mac, I have mainly listed the keyboard shortcuts macOS. Please feel free to add the Windows or Linux shortcuts.

Where the shortcut is provided by a package, I have added a link to the package.


Some general keyboard shortcuts that I use frequently.

Command macOS Windows Linux Description
Preferences/Settings cmd-, ctrl-, ctrl-, Opens the Preferences/Settings view
Command Palette shift-cmd-p shift-ctrl-p ctrl-shift-p Opens & closes the command palette
Open File (Fuzzy) cmd-p
Opens the Fuzzy Finder palette in which you can search and open files
Browse Open Files cmd-b ctrl-b ctrl-b Browse tabs within the window
Previous Tab alt-cmd-left ctrl-pageup ctrl-pageup Cycles left through open tabs (in the active pane)
Next Tab alt-cmd-right ctrl-pagedown ctrl-pagedown Cycles right through open tabs (in the active page)
Grammar Selector ctrl-shift-l ctrl-shift-l ctrl-shift-l Selects the language the file is in
Markdown Preview ctrl-shift-m ctrl-shift-m ctrl-shift-m Previews the file in the Markdown format
Key Binding Resolver cmd-. ctrl-. ctrl-. Shows what keybindings the pressed key combination resolves to
Toggle Tree View cmd-k cmd-b
ctrl-k ctrl-b
ctrl-k ctrl-b
Toggles Atom's file Tree View
Reload Atom ctrl-alt-cmd-l alt-ctrl-r alt-ctrl-r Reloads the Editor
Open Link ctrl-shift-o Opens up a HTTP or HTTPS link
Toggle Developer Tools alt-cmd-i ctrl-alt-i ctrl-shift-i Opens up the Chrome Developer Tools/Console
Show Available Snippets alt-shift-s alt-shift-s alt-shift-s Shows the snippets available to Atom

Window Management

Command macOS Windows Linux Description
New File cmd-n ctrl-n ctrl-n Opens an empty file in a new tab
New Window shift-cmd-n ctrl-shift-n ctrl-shift-n Opens a new editor window
Open cmd-o ctrl-o ctrl-o Shows the Open File dialog, which lets you select a file to open in the editor
Open Folder cmd-shift-o ctrl-shift-o ctrl-shift-o Shows the Open Folder dialog, which lets you select a folder to add to the editor's Tree View
Save cmd-s ctrl-s ctrl-s Saves the currently active file
Save As shift-cmd-s ctrl-shift-s ctrl-shift-s Saves the currently active file under a different name
Save All alt-cmd-s Saves all changed files
Close Tab cmd-w ctrl-w ctrl-w Closes the currently active tab
Close Window shift-cmd-w ctrl-shift-w ctrl-shift-w Closes the currently active editor window
Split Window cmd-k up/down/left/right ctrl-k up/down/left/right ctrl-k up/down/left/right Split the currently active tab in one of the four directions
Focus Pane cmd-k cmd-up/down/left/right ctrl-k ctrl-up/down/left/right ctrl-k ctrl-up/down/left/right Move the focus to the pane in one of the four directions
Toggle full screen ctrl-cmd-f F11 F11 Toggle full screen window


Command macOS Windows Linux Description
Duplicate Lines shift-cmd-d ctrl-shift-d ctrl-shift-d Duplicates the line of the current cursor position and creates a new line under it with the same contents
Delete Line ctrl-shift-k ctrl-shift-k ctrl-shift-k Deletes the current line
Move Line Up ctrl-cmd-up ctrl-up ctrl-up Moves the contents of the current cursor position up one line. If there is a line above with content, the current lines content will swap with the one above it.
Move Line Down ctrl-cmd-down ctrl-down ctrl-down Moves the contents of the current cursor position down one line. If there is a line below with content, the line's content will swap with the one below it.
Find/Replace cmd-f ctrl-f ctrl-f Opens up the Find/Replace panel
Find Next cmd-g F3 F3 Toggles forward through the results of the current buffer in the file while the Find/Replace panel is active
Find Previous shift-cmd-g shift-F3 shift-F3 Toggles backward through the results of the current buffer in the file while the Find/Replace panel is active
Find in Project shift-cmd-f ctrl-shift-f ctrl-shift-f Opens the Find in Project Panel
Go To Line ctrl-g ctrl-g ctrl-g Opens the Go To Line panel
Go To Matching Bracket ctrl-m ctrl-m ctrl-m The cursor goes to the matching top bracket that the cursor is ecapsulated in
Select Line cmd-l ctrl-l ctrl-l Selects the entire line the cursor's current position is in
Toggle Comment cmd-/ ctrl-/ ctrl-/ Toggles the selected text into a comment of the current grammar
Column Selection ctrl-shift-up/down ctrl-alt-up/down shift-alt-up/down Allows to select multiple rows, where the same edit will be applied
Select Same Words cmd-d ctrl-d ctrl-d If you select a word, and then hit the key combo for this command, Atom will select the next same word for you. Then you can either type directly (which will replace the old words) or use left or right arrow to append things.
Undo Selection cmd-u ctrl-u ctrl-u This undoes the previous selection, like from Select Same Words.
Select All The Same Words At Once cmd-ctrl-g alt-f3 alt-f3 This shortcut is similar to cmd-d/ctrl-d but it selects all the matching words at once.
Show Symbols Palette cmd-r ctrl-r ctrl-r This shortcuts opens a palette that lists all the symbols (or functions) in your current file allowing you to fuzzy search and jump lines.
Show auto-completions ctrl-space ctrl-space ctrl-space Show available auto-completions
Fold/Unfold sections of code option-cmd-[ and option-cmd-] ctrl-shift-[ and ctrl-shift-] ctrl-shift-[ and ctrl-shift-] Fold and Unfold sections of code
Fold/Unfold at a specific indentation level cmd-k then cmd-(0-9) ctrl-k then ctrl-(0-9) ctrl-k then ctrl-(0-9) Fold/Unfold at a specific indentation level where the number is the indentation depth

Various Packages

These are some packages I find useful, and their most useful key bindings. A list of my favorite packages can be found here.

Command macOS Windows Linux Package
Block Travel up/down alt-up, alt-down Block Travel
Beautify ctrl-alt-b Beautify
Build Project cmd-alt-b ctrl-alt-b ctrl-alt-b Build
Expand Abbreviation shift-cmd-e ctrl-e ctrl-e Emmet
Git Plus Menu shift-cmd-h ctrl-shift-h ctrl-shift-h Git Plus
Jumpy shift-enter Jumpy
Minimap Toggle ctrl-k ctrl-m Minimap
Open File in Browser ctrl-alt-m Open in Browser
Open Project ctrl-cmd-p alt-shift-p ctrl-alt-shift-p Project Manager
Sublime Style Column Selection alt-mouse Sublime Style Column Selection


apm is Atom's package manager, based on Node's npm tool.

Command Description
apm upgrade Updates all locally installed packages
apm upgrade --no-confirm Updates all locally installed packages without asking any questions
apm stars --install  Installs/updates all packages that you have marked as a favorite (starred) in your Atom.io profile
apm publish minor If you're developing your own package, run this in the package's directory to publish a new version of the package, increasing the minor version number by one.