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When I use angularjs, with templateUrl in routeprovider, it can't load the template into view, but I checked the logs, the xmlhttprequest to template is serves as well. Why this happens?

szwacz commented Nov 15, 2013

I'm using Angular views with NW and never had any problem.
Could you provide some actual code?

rogerwang closed this Dec 11, 2013

I apologize for my slow response..

For the sake of example-rule, I will attach myApp example, that contains minimum angularjs code.

My environment:

  • windows xp (win32)
  • angularjs 1.2.6
  • jquery

After you extract it.. Try running it as default, in commandline: nw myApp

  • when I go to index, which is use partials template from script tag, it is fine
  • when I go to v1, and v2 it is done load the template views, but nothing happened
  • when I go to v3, which is use partials template from script tag, it is fine


I think it's weird for me. And hard to manage views via script tag, rather than separate location as file.

@szwacz @rogerwang

I summon both of you. And I apologize for my slow response

szwacz commented Dec 29, 2013

Indeed it doesn't work. I'm using file:// protocol, not app:// so haven't experienced this issue.

The problem actually affects $http directive:
(inject this to app.js file provided by @raitucarp)

app.controller('indexCtrl', function ($scope, $http) {
    $scope.hello = 'Hello world';

    $http.get("/app/views/v1.html").then(function (response) {
        // success event should fire....
        console.log('$http ok');
    }, function (err) {
        // ...but error will fire instead
        console.log('$http error');


In angular $http directive is failing, because it is checking status code of HTTP response like so:

function isSuccess(status) {
  return 200 <= status && status < 300;

XMLHttpRequest is returning status code 0 (zero), when used with file:// protocol, and this behaviour was copied to app:// protocol, what leads to $http fail.

Solution is simple: XMLHttpRequest in node-webkit should return status code 200 instead of 0 when used with app:// protocol.

Please reopen this issue.

Hmm okay

Should we mention angular developer here? Or just create new issue there and link this issue?

szwacz commented Dec 29, 2013

This issue should be resolved on node-webkit side. Angular is standards compliant, node-webkit is not (returns invalid status code).

Is angular supports app:// protocol or not? I just want use app protocol not file protocol, actually. What should I do?

szwacz commented Dec 29, 2013

app:// protocol can be found only in node-webkit, and was born to easily port websites into desktop apps. Angular doesn't even know such thing as app:// exist.

You should wait for patch in NW.

szwacz commented Dec 29, 2013

It turns out you can also easily patch your local angular.js file (use not-minified version).
Find line:

// fix status code for file protocol (it's always 0)
status = (protocol == 'file' && status === 0) ? (response ? 200 : 404) : status;

And change it to:

// fix status code for file protocol (it's always 0)
status = ((protocol == 'file' || protocol == 'app') && status === 0) ? (response ? 200 : 404) : status;

Although this is really simple to fix in angular I will repeat: app:// protocol is internal to NW, and nothing except NW should know about its existance.

Ok thanks. That is maybe the only solution. 👍

But, I think Angular.js team should know about this. Because for future use It's important, that html5+js technology is moving forward, never backward.

Oh okay, now, I know that this is not angular problem. I apologize my previous comment.

This issue happens because chrome not allowing xmlhttprequest from other protocol except http. @rogerwang should read this.


rogerwang commented Jan 13, 2014

thanks for reporting. I'll fix it.

rogerwang reopened this Jan 13, 2014


So to fix this NW should return valid status code (200) when XMLHttpRequest was used with app:// protocol.

@rogerwang do we have an estimate on when this can be fixed?

Otherwise feel free to let us know where to modify the response status to do a PR if protocol is app://


rogerwang commented Feb 13, 2014

I'll try to fix this in next version 0.9.2. Thanks.

rogerwang added this to the 0.9.2 milestone Feb 13, 2014

rogerwang closed this in edaf550 Feb 13, 2014

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

@rogerwang rogerwang added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 21, 2014

@rogerwang rogerwang add URLRequestNWAppJob to provide response code
Fix #1314


This actually happen on 0.11.0, How I fix it?


I fix this with this code:


For more information about this, read :$compileProvider


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