@nwoolls nwoolls released this Aug 9, 2013 · 2426 commits to master since this release

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  • Add a Getting Started wizard to help new users get started mining
  • Log the coins mined, date started and stopped, price when mining started and stopped, and which devices were used to mine the coin
  • Support reordering pools in the Configure Coins dialog
  • Added the ability to specify the priority of the miner process launched
  • Show the Work Utility in the main screen statistics
  • Updated MobileMiner API calls to the live URL (
  • Handle JSON errors parsing MobileMiner calls
  • Detect and remove empty mining pool configurations (rather than crashing)
  • Detect .conf files that may interfere with mining and warn the user
  • Rewrite the readme with more focus on new users
  • Validate the MobileMiner email address and API key to help users enter their settings
  • Show a proper error if the MobileMiner credentials are wrong (rather than no statistics showing)
  • Show a proper error if the mining pool credentials are wrong