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kLab Website

This is the public repository for the kLab website hosted at:

Although Nyaruka originally created the website we look forward to having contributions from the Kigali community to enhance it over time. Just use the normal Github fork/pull request process in order to submit patches.

Before embarking on major changes please file a new Issue with your planned enhancement so we can discuss whether it is appropriate.


Getting Started

These instructions are for Unix/OS X, you will have to modify these a bit to get going on Windows. Consult your favorite Windows Python guru for details.

1. Check out the repository:

  % git clone git://
  % cd klab

2. Create a virtual environment and active it:

  % virtualenv env
  % source env/bin/activate

3. Initialize it with all the required libraries:

  % pip install -r pip-freeze.txt

4. Symlink your dev settings file:

  % cd klab
  % ln -s
  % cd ..

5. Initialize our database:

  % python syncdb
  % python migrate

6. Load our test data

  % python loaddata ../test_data.json

7. Create media directory

  % mkdir media

8. Start the server:

  % python runserver

You should now be able to load and interact with the kLab website at: http://localhost:8000/