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Django Smartmin

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Smartmin was born out of the frustration of the Django admin site not being well suited to being exposed to clients. It aims to allow you to quickly build scaffolding which you can customize by using Django views.

It is very opinionated in how it works, if you don't agree, Smartmin may not be for you:

  • Permissions are used to gate access to each page, embrace permissions throughout and you'll love this
  • CRUDL operations at the object level, that is, Create, Read, Update, Delete and List, permissions and views are based around this
  • URL automapping via the the CRUDL objects, this should keep things very very DRY

About Versions

Smartmin tries to stay in lock step with the latest Django versions. With each new Django version a new Smartmin version will be released and we will save the major changes (possibly breaking backwards compatibility) on these versions. This includes updating to the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap.

The latest version is the 2.0.* series which works against Django 1.11 and 2.0.


The full documentation can be found at:

The official source code repository is:

Built in Rwanda by Nyaruka Ltd.