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Nest Django formsets for multi-level editing.
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Django Nested Formsets

Formsets are a Django abstraction that make it easier to manage multiple instances of a single Form on a page. In 2009 I wrote a blog post about using nesting formsets using Django 1.1. This is a generic implementation of the technique described there, targeting Django 1.6 and later. A follow-up blog post provides additional context.

Note that I do not advocate the use of nested Formsets: in every case I've considered them, they've led to usability issues and overly complex view code. This repository was created as an exercise in test driven development and abstraction.

Your mileage may vary.


You can install Django Nested Formsets using your favorite package management tool. For example:

$ pip install django-nested-formset

You can also install the latest development version

$ pip install django-nested-formset==dev

After installing the package, you can use the nestedformset_factory function to create your formset class.


If you'd like to work on the source, I suggest cloning the repository and creating a virtualenv.

$ cd nested-formset
$ virtualenv .
$ source bin/activate
$ python develop

The last line will install the installation and test dependencies.

To run the unit test suite, run the following:

$ python test

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This package is released under a BSD style license. See LICENSE for details.

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