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The Nym privacy platform
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constants Created TresholdSecret and Verification Keys structures + combined al… Jun 13, 2019
crypto Created an underlying struct for the defined proto materials Jun 13, 2019
daemon Faucet daemon Jul 25, 2019
docs Version bump to v0.12.7 Sep 3, 2019
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logger Packet tests + FromBytes returns err + minor fixes Jun 13, 2019
nym/token Ability for client to spend one of its credentials at chosen service … Jul 22, 2019
redeemer various changes Aug 20, 2019
sampleclientmain Restored previous sample client code Jul 25, 2019
server Provider depositing credential in background after receiving it Sep 3, 2019
tendermint Added missing nonce writes. Fixes #43 Jul 26, 2019
testdata Tests for creating new client instance + fixes for it Jun 13, 2019
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vendor Updated dependencies. Deals with #41 Jul 23, 2019
verifier various changes Aug 20, 2019
worker Removed all TODOs from code and moved them to issues instead Jun 13, 2019
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.golangci.yml whitelisted qt bindings library Jul 23, 2019
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LICENSE Added AGPLv3 license Sep 27, 2018
Makefile attaching aws and local configs to release zips Sep 3, 2019 Updated readme with demo instructions Sep 3, 2019 Updated changecurve script Jun 13, 2019 Ability to create request to spend credential + neccessary proto changes Jun 13, 2019
docker-compose.yml Accidetanlly added all files rather than amend previous commit. Jul 25, 2019
generate_proto.go Added release checklist + initial release information Jun 13, 2019 Version bump to v0.12.6 Sep 3, 2019


License: AGPL v3

This is the Nym core platform. It includes a Go implementation of the Coconut selective disclosure credentials scheme. Coconut supports threshold issuance on multiple public and private attributes, re-randomization and multiple unlinkable selective attribute revelations.

The implementation is based on the existing Python version.

Nym uses a Tendermint blockchain to keep track of credential issuance and prevent double-spending of credentials, and contains server-side to support querying of credentials. There is client-side code to re-randomize credentials.

Currently, there exist two ways of running the demo code. One relies on local setup, which is more stable and more likely to work correctly. The other, uses external machines hosting the appropriate services. However, due to its experimental nature and being under heavy development, the latter option is more unstable and the machines might be at an unexpected state at any given moment of time, including being turned off, hence running the code locally is recommended.

The local setup requires docker and docker-compose to be installed on the machine. In order to startup the system, one needs to run the runLocalNym_v$ script, where $VERSION is the current release version of the code. This will pull the appropriate release binary for the gui and build and start all docker containers according to the docker-compose.yml file. When the application is started, it will ask for a configuration file in order to know which network it's supposed to connect to. In that case choose file located at build/nymapp/local_config.toml.

For the less stable remote version, you need to get the latest binary from the release page of the repository and when asked for configuration file use aws_config.toml located in the zip file. Note that the machines you would be trying to connect to may be switched off at any time without notice.

For more information, see the documentation.

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