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NYPL Digital Collections Tab

View a historic image from The New York Public Library’s Digital Collections, every time you open a new tab!

Digital Collections: Flatbush Avenue, near 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Help put New York City’s history on the map!

Know your NYC geography? Click the link at the bottom of the tab to view the image in The New York Public Library’s Surveyor tool. Geotag the image and help put New York City’s history on the map!


Google Chrome

Install Digital Collections Tab from the Chrome Web Store!

Developers can clone this repository, go to chrome://extensions, enable Developer mode and click Load unpacked extension…, and browse to the directory of the extension.

To remove Digital Collections Tab from Google Chrome, go to Chrome’s Extensions settings page and click Remove from Chrome…

Mozilla Firefox

Install the New Tab Override Add-on for Firefox, and set the add-on to open the following URL in each new tab:

To reset your browser’s new tab settings, set the URL to about:newtab, or remove the New Tab Override add-on altogether.


In Preferences… ⟶ General, set new tabs to open with Homepage, and set Homepage to See wikiHow for a detailed tutorial.

Other browsers

If your browser supports loading a custom URL in newly opened tabs, just use this URL:


A photo from NYPL’s Digital Collections, every time you open a new tab!



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