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nyss-gitlab-redmine-theme is a Gitlab-looking theme for Redmine. It was forked from the modula-gitlab project, which in turn is a fork of Modula's Mojito theme. NYSenate forked this project to implement fixes that work better with Redmine 2.1.x.
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Modula Gitlab

Modula Gitlab is a mashup of Modula Mojito and the Gitlab standard theme.

In the spirit of further linking Gitlab and Redmine, I have created this theme. For details on official integration, see gitlabhq/gitlabhq#97.


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Modula Mojito mindclick/modula-mojito is a great theme for Redmine made by Modula.

Modula has not been able to maintain the theme through to the latest versions of Redmine, so this repository takes the last published version from Modula and adds a few improvements show in the page's comments.

Contributions and improvements via GitHub are most welcome, to be able to maintain compatiblity with the latest versions of Redmine (and now, for ChiliProject also).

This theme is free to use and distribute as you wish. Many thanks to all previous contributors.

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