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Demo UI5 lib made for SAP Web IDE using NPM, Grunt
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This is just a demo project to illustrate how smoothly you can implement a ui5 library using the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.



Checknig the App Index (after deployment)

  1. After deployment to SAPCP check the App Index for each of the deployed projects, i.e.:

    FYI: The id parameter is the corresponding SAPUI5 Component ID, i.e. try sap.m to see how a correct result should look like and compare it with the result of your own component.

  2. What about the ABAP App Index?

Yes, there is also an App Index in ABAP. In fact, you only need to replace the host etc so that the URLs above point to your ABAP server, i.e.:

As you can see, that works because paths (i.e. /sap/bc/ui2/app_index/ui5_app_info_json) are the same on both ABAP and SAPCP.

Local Build

  1. Clone repo and change directory

    git clone
    cd ui5-webide-demo-lib
  2. Add SAP's NPM package registry (if you haven't already)

    • Local: npm config set @sap:registry
    • Global: npm config --global set @sap:registry
  3. Install NPM Dependencies and build library

    npm install

    Check the dist folder.

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