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# Check that the code follows a consistant code style
# Check for existence of astyle, and error out if not present.
if ! builtin type -P astyle; then
echo "PyGI git pre-commit hook:"
echo "Did not find astyle, please install it before continuing."
exit 1
ASTYLE_PARAMETERS="-p -d -c -S -U -M60"
echo "--Checking style--"
for file in `git-diff-index --cached --name-only HEAD --diff-filter=ACMR| grep "\.c$"` ; do
# nf is the temporary checkout. This makes sure we check against the
# revision in the index (and not the checked out version).
nf=`git checkout-index --temp ${file} | cut -f 1`
newfile=`mktemp /tmp/${nf}.XXXXXX` || exit 1
astyle ${ASTYLE_PARAMETERS} < $nf > $newfile 2>> /dev/null
diff -u -p "${nf}" "${newfile}"
rm "${newfile}"
rm "${nf}"
if [ $r != 0 ] ; then
echo "================================================================================================="
echo " Code style error in: $file "
echo " "
echo " Please fix before committing. Don't forget to run git add before trying to commit again. "
echo " If the whole file is to be committed, this should work (run from the top-level directory): "
echo " "
echo " astyle ${ASTYLE_PARAMETERS} $file; git add $file; git commit"
echo " "
echo "================================================================================================="
exit 1
echo "--Checking style pass--"