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We're o1Labs. Catalyzing a new generation of zk applications. Incubators of Mina Protocol. Creators of kimchi and o1js (fka SnarkyJS)

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  1. snarky snarky Public

    OCaml DSL for verifiable computation

    OCaml 486 72

  2. o1js o1js Public

    TypeScript framework for zk-SNARKs and zkApps

    TypeScript 471 104

  3. proof-systems proof-systems Public

    The proof systems used by Mina

    Rust 382 87

  4. zkapp-cli zkapp-cli Public

    CLI to create a zkApp (zero-knowledge app) for Mina Protocol

    JavaScript 112 43

  5. docs2 docs2 Public

    Docs website for the Mina Protocol.

    JavaScript 71 109

  6. ocamlbyexample ocamlbyexample Public

    Learn Ocaml by reading code examples

    OCaml 64 4


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