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Solr component that surfaces payloads for matching terms
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This component plugin will return the payloads for terms that matched in your query.

Example document:

  "id": "my sample doc",
  "payload_content": "Look|ignored at this|wow"

Querying for payload_content:this would generate a response like the following:

        "id":"my sample doc",
        "payload_content":"Look|ignored at this|wow",
    "my sample_doc":{

Since wow was a payload of the this token, and this was in the query, wow comes back in the payloads response.


This project was originally conceived as a solution for storing bounding boxes with terms for OCR highlighting.

See it in action at


  • Solr 7.x
  • A field type that utilizes payloads



Building requires JDK 8 and Maven. Once you're setup just run:

mvn package to generate the latest jar in the target folder.


  • Support later Solr versions
  • Allow for passing in custom fields to match against
  • Support some basic term statistics in the response
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