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OAE v16.0.0 Harpy Eagle

@brecke brecke released this
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Harpy Eagle

You can find more about the Harpy Eagle here

16.0.0 is OAE's latest major release to date and it mostly includes architectural changes in order to make OAE more manageable and easier to contribute to.


The most important change is having ditched RabbitMQ and replaced it with Redis. This was due to several reasons:

  • Queueing via RabbitMQ adds unnecessary complexity to OAE in terms of architecture and maintainability
  • RabbitMQ lacks a proper high-level node.js library
  • Background queueing can be done efficiently by Redis, which has quality high-level libraries for node.js and was already used by OAE anyway (for caching)
  • OAE becomes easier to maintain and deploy
  • OAE becomes faster
  • OAE becomes easier for beginners to contribute to

Some other libraries have been updated, including node_redis (to ioredis), redback (to redlock) and nodemailer.

There are many other fixes, including:

  • CircleCI optimization to reduce testing times (to less than half the previous time)
  • Push notifications using redis pubsub
  • Code quality fixes (thanks to code climate)
  • Improvements to OAE dev dockers