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  1. OpenAPI-Specification OpenAPI-Specification Public

    The OpenAPI Specification Repository

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  2. OpenAPI-Style-Guide OpenAPI-Style-Guide Public

    How to (and how not to) refer to the OAI in meetups, interviews, casual conversations, the settling of bar bets, and for conference presentations.

    203 44

  3. sig-moonwalk sig-moonwalk Public

    Version 4.x of the OpenAPI Specification is known as "Moonwalk," and has a goal to ship in 2024.

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  4. Public

    OpenAPI - Getting started, and the specification explained

    Markdown 105 50

  5. community community Public

    8 7

  6. Arazzo-Specification Arazzo-Specification Public

    The Arazzo Specification - A Tapestry for Deterministic API Workflows

    JavaScript 119 23


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