Audiolet 2

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This page is for discussion of the next version of Audiolet. Development for this version will take place in the version-2 branch.


The Web Audio API is gaining traction and is steadily being adopted in more places. It has the capability to replace lots of Audiolet's DSP code, and as a result make everything run a lot faster with a lot less code. Currently the architecture of Audiolet is based around the idea that everything is done in JavaScript, and we patch in the Web Audio API where necessary. The next version will be almost the opposite architecturally - the Web Audio API will do as much as possible, and we patch in JavaScript where necessary.

Possible Features

TODO: Add/link to issues for all of these

  • Tight integration with the Web Audio API
  • Messaging support (see #40)
  • Proper, well designed file IO
  • Node input/output querying
  • Graph load/save (see meemoo/dataflow#1)