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Welcome to the home of OASIS Open Projects!

This documentation repo houses all the info you'll need to get acquainted with the OASIS Open Projects program.

  • The guides directory houses process documentation for projects, programs and services.
  • The policy directory has official OASIS Open Projects governance rules in plain language.
  • The templates directory is where you'll find useful boilerplates for Open Projects, including the Open Project Draft Charter Template.
  • The board-docs directory houses Open Projects documents that have been ratified by the OASIS Board of Directors.

Visit our website at oasis-open-projects.org or check out our Getting Started Guide to start exploring how you can get involved with OASIS Open Projects.

Open Projects Benefits

OASIS Open Projects offer:

  • Support, in one organization, for the development of open source code and/or related materials and prose specifications
  • Potential for formal approval of appropriate content as OASIS Standards, with the opportunity for further external submission to SDOs including ISO, IEC, and ITU.
  • Participation opportunities for the entire community.
  • Stakeholder leadership under Project Governing Boards and Technical Steering Committees.
  • Standards-level patent protections assured by unique Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and common open source licenses.
  • Free public access to all deliverables in perpetuity.
  • Extensible collection of project collaboration tools: integrated issues management, project boards, continuous integration servers, version control, team messaging, release management, wikis, mailing lists, and chat.
  • Publicity and promotional activities including press releases, webinars, plugfests, and social media.

Contact us at op-admin@oasis-open.org to learn more about how your project can become an OASIS Open Project.