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OASIS OpenC2 TC: This specification describes the use of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) as a transport mechanism for OpenC2 messages.

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Members of the OASIS Open Command and Control (OpenC2) TC create and manage technical content in this TC GitHub repository ( ) as part of the TC's chartered work (i.e., the program of work and deliverables described in its charter).

OASIS TC GitHub repositories, as described in GitHub Repositories for OASIS TC Members' Chartered Work, are governed by the OASIS TC Process, IPR Policy, and other policies, similar to TC Wikis, TC JIRA issues tracking instances, TC SVN/Subversion repositories, etc. While they make use of public GitHub repositories, these TC GitHub repositories are distinct from OASIS Open Repositories, which are used for development of open source licensed content.


This GitHub repository supports development of content and change tracking for the OpenC2 MQTT transfer specification as new working draft level revisions are created and the associated CSDs mature.

The repository is designed to support TC members' work on a formal specification that describes the use of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) as a transfer mechanism for OpenC2 messages. MQTT provides a lightweight publish/subscribe reliable messaging transport protocol suitable for communication in M2M/IoT contexts where a small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is at a premium. This specification provides guidance to the OpenC2 implementation community when utilizing MQTT for OpenC2 message transport.

The provisional Work Product title for the work is: "Specification for Transfer of OpenC2 Messages via MQTT, Version 1.0", edited by David Lemire (HII). The specification explains the transfer of OpenC2 command and response messages using MQTT.

Branching Strategy

This repository is organized with two fundamental branches:

  • The Working branch contains work product material that is actively being developed, and subject to potentially frequent and significant change. Contributors to the work product should target their inputs to the Working branch.

  • The Published branch contains TC-approved Committee Specification (CS) or OASIS Standard versions of the work product. Until the first CS is approved, the Master branch will not contain a complete version of the work product.

Branching /  Versioning Strategy


As stated in this repository's CONTRIBUTING file, contributors to this repository are expected to be Members of the OASIS OpenC2 TC, for any substantive change requests. Anyone wishing to contribute to this GitHub project and participate in the TC's technical activity is invited to join as an OASIS TC Member. Public feedback is also accepted, subject to the terms of the OASIS Feedback License.


Please see the LICENSE file for description of the license terms and OASIS policies applicable to the TC's work in this GitHub project. Content in this repository is intended to be part of the OpenC2 TC's permanent record of activity, visible and freely available for all to use, subject to applicable OASIS policies, as presented in the repository LICENSE file.

Further Description of this Repository

[Any narrative content may be provided here by the TC, for example, if the Members wish to provide an extended statement of purpose.]


Please send questions or comments about OASIS TC GitHub repositories to the OASIS TC Administrator. For questions about content in this repository, please contact the TC Chair or Co-Chairs as listed on the the TC's home page.


OASIS OpenC2 TC: This specification describes the use of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) as a transport mechanism for OpenC2 messages.




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