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OASYS Reboot - A fork of lucarebuffi/OASYS1 to use ales-erjavec/orange-canvas
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OASYS (OrAnge SYnchrotron Suite) is a graphical environment
for optic simulation software used in synchrotron facilities,
based on Orange 3.

OASYS package requires Python 3.3 or newer.


OASYS is pip installable (, simply run::

    pip install oasys

to install it.

OASYS requires PyQt, which is not pip-installable in Python 3. You
have to download and install it system-wide. If you are installing
in to a virtual environment make sure it is created with the
`--system-site-packages` so it will have access to the installed

Starting OASYS

To start OASYS from the command line, run::

     python3 -m oasys.canvas

The OASYS does not itself come with any widget components. Use the
'Options->Add-ons' menu entry to install the desired widget set.
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