Scripts that gather and submit data to Graphite/Carbon
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Graphite Scripts

This project contains a variety of scripts for working with Graphite.

Carbon Initscripts

These initscripts were designed to manage starting/stopping/restarting of multiple Carbon relay, aggregator, and cache processes. There are environment variables in each that need to be set (specifically INSTANCES) for proper operations.

Django Password Hash

The script is used to generate a Django-compatible password hash for use in files such as the initial_data.json configuration blob.

PagerDuty Metrics

The pagerduty_to_graphite.rb script pulls alert metrics from the PagerDuty API and submits them to Carbon. It should typically be run by cron.

SNMP Metrics

The script polls SNMP metrics from SNMP-enabled hosts. It should typically be run by cron.


This project is distributed under the MIT license.