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File        :
Maintainer  : Felix C. Stegerman <>
Date        : 2013-05-21

Copyright   : Copyright (C) 2013  Felix C. Stegerman
Version     : 0.4.0

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baktogit - backup w/ git

baktogit uses rsync to incrementally backup files and directories to a git repository -- mostly intended for configuration files. If requested, baktogit will also push to a remote.

You may also be interested in etckeeper [2]; in contrast to baktogit (which copies configuration files to a git repository), etckeeper keeps /etc itself in version control.

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Security Warning

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You should be careful about including files like /etc/shadow that must remain secret; you should probably chmod 700 the directory containing your repository, and be very careful with .git/, clones, and remotes; the etckeeper [2] README has more information on the security implications of keeping these kinds of files in version control.

Files you may want to exclude are: /etc/shadow*, /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*_key and any other private keys and configuration files with passwords.

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$ mkdir -p /opt/src
$ git clone \


$ export BAKTOGIT_REPO=/path/to/repo  # must be a git repo
$ export BAKTOGIT_PUSH=yes            # to push as well
$ export VERBOSE=yes                  # to be verbose

$ /opt/src/baktogit/baktogit.bash /a/foo /b/bar /c/qux \
  --exclude=/a/foo/some/file          # absolute paths!

You'll need to --exclude=.git any .git/ directories.

Arguments will be passed on to rsync; as long as you only use paths, --exclude, and --exclude-from (or know what you are doing), all should be well.


$ cp -i /opt/src/baktogit/baktogit.cron.sample \
$ vim /etc/cron.daily/baktogit
$ chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/baktogit

You may also want to combine baktogit with mailer [3], to send a report per email.

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GPLv2 [1].

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[1] GNU General Public License, version 2 ---

[2] etckeeper ---

[3] mailer ---

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