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I got fed up with, so I decided to create my own clone with HTML5 and SASS. Obviouslly any CMS type controls are missing however it provided me with a quick and free one page site.

Table Of Contents


Our beta release can be downloaded here or you can clone the repo like so:

git clone


(Step 0.1) Install Ruby

If you don't already have it, check out RVM (

(Step 1) Install Bundler

Bundler is a handy tool to help keep track of the necessary Ruby packages

gem install bundler
bundle install

What did I justt install?!?!? Basically just SASS, and a few plugins for it([Compass]((, Susy, and rgbapng)

(Step 1.1) Install Node

If you don't already have Node (, you have to check it out! Seriosuly, if you don't this just won't work.

(Step 2) Install Grunt

Grunt ( is a fun Node tool that manages the project, refreshes dynamically, and tells us when were being extra sexy (ok, that might just be in my head... but I am right?)

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install

(Step 4) Install eveyrthing else

Run the site (finally!). You should have already noticed that the un-complied code is in app, and a example is in public, which is where you should be compiling too.


Now thats its running, feel free to fork this and make your own, have fun and show off yourself. If you area really up for it my next step for this is better integration with github, possibly running it direclty and using jekyll. I want to avoid any back end server language such as PHP, or a database system as both of these will make this project much closer to a CMS than what it was inteded, just a basic one page introduction site.


  • Clean up readme
  • Look into how we can simplify the setup process
  • Check if we can cleanup the repo
  • Add a way to display external projects


  • SASS - It makes coding CSS much easier
  • Compass - An amazing CSS framework for SASS
  • Susy - A great responsive framework
  • Grunt - An awesome tool to simplify builds


This tool is protected by the GNU General Public License v2.

Copyright Jeffrey Hann 2013


HTML5/SASS Responsive page to replicate my current page. SInce they are now charging for basic features like Google Analytics I may as well do it myself.




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