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Continuous unit testing tool
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pytddmon - continuous unit testing in Python

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Latest news

Read the pytddmon blog and more documentation at

How to use

From the cheeseshop

Install pytddmon from PyPI:

pip install pytddmon

You can now run from anywhere.

Run from sources

Copy src/ to your projects' root folder. From there, type:



See License.txt. Basically MIT / do whatever.

Folder structure

       src/       contains
       src/tests  unit tests for
       logo/      pytddmon logo
       systest/   contains, lots of folders and a Readme.txt
                  (used for end-to-end regression testing

Submitting a patch

TravisCI is used for automatic unit and integration testing when a pull request arrives at Github.

However, you may want to run the automatic tests locally before requesting a pull.

Running the unit tests

cd pytddmon/src

Running the integration tests

cd pytddmon/systest
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