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MCMC codes used by the Carnegie Supernova Project

These are the python codes used for the analysis of type Ia supernovae. Currently, there are four sets of code:

  • Host_DM: Determine the distances to hosts with Cepheid variables.
  • Extinction: Compute the extinction properties of a sample of SNe Ia.
  • Tripp_H0: Determine the Hubble constant using the Tripp method
  • Ext_H0: Determine the Hubble constant using the extinctions determined from Extinction.

Each set of codes runs independently, though Tripp_H0 and Ext_H0 require the distance modulus output from Host_DM and Ext_H0 requires the extinction properties output from Extinction.

The following python modules/packages are required to run the code, all of which are available through anaconda. The versions are those used when developing the code.

  • Python 2.7
  • Numpy 1.11.3
  • Scipy 0.19.0
  • matplotlib 2.0.2 (for graphical output)
  • pystan
  • astropy 1.3.3

There are modules used in common between all the codes. These are located in the lib folder and should be made available in python's search path (e.g., by setting $PYTHONPATH). If you use the provided PBS/SLURM submission scripts in each folder, they will take care of copying the needed python modules/scripts to the working folder.

Each folder has a readme with instructions on usage.


MCMC codes used by the Carnegie Supernova Project







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