@megies megies released this May 27, 2015 · 4870 commits to master since this release

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This is a maintenance release containing several bug fixes:

  • obspy.core:
    • Fix catalog plot with events that have no origin depth or
      origin time (see #1021)
  • obspy.datamark:
    • Fix datawide=3 and datawide=0.5 block reading (see #1016)
  • obspy.earthworm:
    • Fix Python3 compatibility problem
  • obspy.imaging:
    • Fix flipped maps due to bug in Basemap
    • Fix handling of velocity reduction in section plots with degree offsets
      (see #1029)
    • Allow section plots over existing figures by not modifying existing lines
    • Don't prematurely close waveform figure if returning its handle
  • obspy.seedlink:
    • Fix Python3 compatibility for seedlink.easyseedlink
    • Basic seedlink client: Properly timeout requests with valid station
      selection but no data available in selected time window (see #1045)
  • obspy.signal:
    • Fix return data types/values of polarization routines (see #1026)
  • obspy.station:
    • Fix URL to FDSN StationXML schema in StationXML output (see #1023)