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example oclif plugin in typescript
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oclif-bot fix: oclif v1.13.5
## [1.13.5](oclif/oclif@v1.13.4...v1.13.5) (2019-07-12)

### Bug Fixes

* update globby ([#259]( ([468985e](oclif/oclif@468985e))
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.circleci fix: oclif v1.13.1 Mar 24, 2019
bin feat: oclif v1.0.0 Feb 13, 2018
src fix: oclif v1.7.23 Apr 8, 2018
test fix: oclif v1.12.1 Sep 15, 2018
.editorconfig init Jan 28, 2018
.gitignore fix: oclif v1.7.37 May 3, 2018 chore(release): 1.10.6 [skip ci] Sep 14, 2018
LICENSE fix: oclif v1.13.2 May 29, 2019 fix: oclif v1.13.5 Jul 12, 2019
appveyor.yml fix: oclif v1.13.1 Mar 24, 2019
package.json fix: oclif v1.13.5 Jul 12, 2019
tsconfig.json fix: oclif v1.13.3 Jun 17, 2019
tslint.json feat: oclif v1.12.0 Sep 15, 2018
yarn.lock fix: oclif v1.13.5 Jul 12, 2019


example dxcli plugin in typescript

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$ npm install -g @oclif/example-plugin-ts
$ oclif-example COMMAND
running command...
$ oclif-example (-v|--version|version)
@oclif/example-plugin-ts/1.10.6 linux-x64 node-v12.6.0
$ oclif-example --help [COMMAND]
  $ oclif-example COMMAND


oclif-example hello [FILE]

describe the command here

  $ oclif-example hello [FILE]

  -f, --force
  -h, --help       show CLI help
  -n, --name=name  name to print

  $ oclif-example hello
  hello world from ./src/hello.ts!

See code: src/commands/hello.ts

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