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BSD Router Project
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BSD Router Project

Copyright (c) 2009-2019, The BSDRP Development Team



BSDRP is an embedded free and open source router distribution based on FreeBSD with FRRouting and Bird.

Build-time requirements

  • FreeBSD 12.0 or higher

Other information

The script is the build tool for generating BSDRP image: ./ -h for displaying the help

More details on the website:

Child projects

  • BSDRPstable: Same as BSDRP but based on FreeBSD-stable code
  • BSDRPcur: Same as BSDRP but based on FreeBSD-current code
  • TESTING: Generate a small nanobsd image (without packages), used for following network performance evolution in time
  • BSDMC: BSD Media Center, allow to test code factorisation/re-usability on a totally different project
  • EINE: Easy Internet vPn Extender, it's a firmware that allow large scale and plug&play VPN routers deployement over internet. This project is member of Orange Open Source sponsored by Orange Business Services.
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