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Project based on vuepack to try Vetur.
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Project based on vuepack to try Vetur.


$ yarn
$ yarn dev

Things to Try

  • Do a emmet expansion on the html template.
  • Try _. in Counter.vue to see lodash auto completion.
  • Edit .eslintrc to config linting rules.
  • Remove // @ts-check and add it back to see their difference.
  • Format the document.
  • Change some options in vetur.format.* then format again.
  • Install another library with types, such as jquery.
    • npm i -S jquery && npm i -D @types/jquery.
    • Put import * as $ from 'jquery'.
    • Try some jquery auto completion by typing $..
  • Try some auto completion in scss.


This repo only contains minimum setup.

For a more comprehensive setup, refer to


MIT © Pine Wu

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