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A Vue project with minimal setup and dependencies for trying out Vetur's features. Also used for creating minimal, reproducible case for Vetur bug reports.


  • Install latest version of Vetur
  • git clone
  • cd veturpack
  • yarn install
  • code .

Things to Try

Try all features below in src/Test.vue. You can read more about these features in Vetur's documentation:

  • Do an emmet expansion on the html template. For example, type div and then tab.
  • Complete on <router|. Because of the vue-router dependency, you should see router-link. Read more about this feature in Framework Support.
  • yarn add element-ui, reload the project and complete <el. You should see all tags from Element UI. Read more about this feature in Framework Support.
  • Complete on <foo. You should see <foo-tag>. Read more about this feature in Framework Support.
  • Hover over any tags such as <div> or <router-link>. You'll see the tag's description.
  • Because of "vetur.experimental.templateInterpolationService": true in .vscode/settings.json, you should see an error on {{ fo }} in the template section. Change it to foo to fix the error.
  • Delete the foo in {{ foo }}. Type b. You should see completion of bar.
  • In script section, try _.. You should see all lodash's methods.
  • Install another library with types, such as jquery. yarn add -S jquery && yarn add -D @types/jquery. After importing it with import * as $ from 'jquery', you should get $. completions.
  • Setup eslint-plugin-vue with a .eslintrc. Set "vetur.validation.template": false to turn off Vetur's builtin ESLint linter. You'll get ESLint warnings now.
  • In <script> section, add //@ts-check. Write some type-unsafe code, such as let a = 'a'; a = 5. You'll see an error.
  • F1 -> Format the document. You can configure the formatters and their settings as well.
  • In .prettierrc.json, set "singleQuote": true and format again.
  • Type <style scss and tab to choose a snippet. You should get a SCSS section setup. These snippets are customizable.
  • Try some CSS completions in the <style lang="scss"> section.
  • Make some errors in the Vue file and run vti — you should see all diagnostics printed on CLI.


For a more comprehensive setup, refer to




Project based on vuepack to try Vetur.






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